Certification Course

Practitioner Certification Course

Now you can offer your clients, family and friends the opportunity to embody the Presence and to walk the Earth more consciously as a Living Master.

The Masters want the transformational life-changing Lightwork Exercises from Walk the Earth as a Living Master Course to be put into practice by as many people as possible.

To ensure that the Masters’ sacred wisdom is taken into the world in full purity and with their blessings, this Course has been created to certify those who wish to share with their clients the practices and exercises they learned in the foundational course, Walk the Earth as a Living Master. This Practitioner Course is presented by the Masters in a universally useful format.

Now you can take the Practitioner Certification Course of Walk The Earth as a Living Master without having to fly to Maui. It is now available in a series of online recorded transmissions and private telephone consultations.

Here’s what others are saying about this Course:

“In one amazing Lightwork session, everything was dissolved and cleansed, and I emerged, as if from a dark tunnel, into the light of Freedom, and a whole new life. I had been born anew, which was for me, a new beginning.” - M.N.K.

“Using light directly to energize, heal and illumine—how wonderful! Transcending words, healing the past and its projected futures, being One with the Beloved. What wonderful gifts we offer as Certified Practitioners of the Lightwork Exercises to Walk The Earth as a Living Master.” - R.C.

“The clarity I gathered from the Certification Course was profound by putting into practical practice these special teachings.” – M.H.

“As a wellness practitioner for 12 years, I now have so much more to offer my clients and friends. Taking this Course has added a wonderful dimension and spiritual focus to my life and my work.”

– H.M.

The Practitioners Certification Course is mentored by the Masters as they continue to support you - and now your clients through your work - in embodying the Presence. In recorded transmission sessions, the Masters explain how you can use the Lightwork Exercises with your clients, family and friends. The Masters have added new exercises and additional steps to make the original Lightwork Exercises even more powerful. They also provide a more expanded overview of the teachings and the uses of the Lightwork Exercises.

In private telephone consultations, you will have the opportunity to ask the Masters questions, so you clearly understand the benefits of these life-changing exercises, and how to use them with others. You will also be given time to practice the exercises with us so you feel more comfortable and adept at facilitating others.

The exercises will focus on the expanded use of the Sacred Rays within the heart, establishing the new Spiritual Centers, finding and using one’s Keynote, using the vowels to stimulate the 5 Sacred Geometries to assist your client in embodying more of the Presence and manifesting their desires, and how to use the Vesica Pisces to clear and transform the past and the future to live more consciously in the present.

You will receive a manual specifically designed for using the Lightwork Exercises with your clients. At the completion of the Course, you will receive a Certificate, certifying you as a Practitioner.

Tools and Exercises for Embodying the Presence include:

* Awakening the 12-fold nature of Unity or Christ consciousness.

* Establishing all the alchemical properties of the Sacred Rays within the Heart Flame or Spiritual Heart as the foundational frequencies for embodying the Presence.

* Awakening the five secret Spiritual Centers.

* Aligning one’s heart with the Heart of Source and the Planet.

* Establishing the Divine attributes of all of the Sacred Rays within all 12 Spiritual Centers.

* Using new Cleansing/Regeneration tools to release all memories and future projections that keep one from living their true Divine Blueprint.

* Using Divine Marriage exercises to increase wholeness and to attract a partner who is also living in wholeness.

* Working with Sound and Sacred Geometries to manifest consciously and powerfully.

Once you register for the Certification Course on our website, you will receive web links of the recorded Certification Course Transmissions from the Masters that you may review as often as you like. After you have had a chance to absorb each of the Transmissions and study the Manual, we will then schedule private telephone consultations with you where you can ask the Masters your questions and then practice the exercises with us so that you can receive feedback and be awarded certification.

If you want to share these transformational exercises to embody the Presence and walk as Living Masters with your clients and loved ones, register for the Practitioner Certification Course with the Masters by clicking here. A special installment payment option is available.

If you have any questions, please email us at: info@WalkTheEarthAsALivingMaster.com

The cost for the entire Certification Course online including private telephone consultations is only $349 or 3 monthly payments of $127. To register, click here.

In the Love of the One Heart,
Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett