Consciously Create 2012 Part I

Consciously Create 2012
in Unlimitedness & Joy
Part I

Usher in this glorious New Year of unlimited possibilities with the support of the Ascended Masters to consciously create 2012 in the unlimited love, joy and abundance of your Presence.

Since every cell in your etheric and physical body was originally programmed to support the eternal substance of your being, you have the power right now to move your consciousness into the unlimited inheritance of your Presence. In this year of 2012, your Presence and all of us in the Ascended realms are inviting you to focus on transferring the entirety of your consciousness back into your original perfection.

- Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus, Saint Germain & Lady Portia, Kuthumi & Lady Claire, and Archangel Metatron & the Queen of Light

We invite you to gather in Council with the Masters to align every cell and atom of your physical and etheric bodies with the consciousness of your Presence. Since your Presence holds your greatest potential for living on Earth as your unlimited Master Self and since it is unconfined by the 3rd dimensional information that may still be in your DNA, you are being invited to expand your DNA field so it can move into conscious alignment with the interdimensional facets of your being where your unlimited creative inheritance resides.

In this Course: Consciously Create 2012 in Unlimitedness and Joy Part I, the Masters will give you the tools to create this next year as you would like to see it manifested without limits and in unlimited joy.

You will learn how to:

* Move completely out of the restrictive limited thinking & ways of the past.

* Create without limits from the unlimited Heart of Source.

* Cross the bridge into the 5th Dimension.

* Reunite with the truth of your original encoding from Source.

* Embody the Light and Love of your Eternal Self.

* Move beyond controversy, judgment, position and projection.

* Hold all of your relationships and the world in their Presence.

* Align with the 12-fold aspect of your Christed estate of consciousness.

* Tap into your unlimited Divine abilities.

* Come into your Love Matrix with your inner Twin Ray.

* Expand your ability to create happiness, ecstasy, bliss and true fulfillment.

* Align with your original unlimited DNA of perfect health and youthfulness.

* Expand into your Divine inheritance.

* Become conscious creators with Source.

* Experience Golden Age Freedom in yourself, your relationships and all aspects of your life.

Your unlimited potential to co-create your life as you would like to see it manifested exists in your pre-separation DNA. This means that this potential was put into your body before recorded history and that it is still within the "mind" of every cell. That "mind" was always intended to remain in unification with the Divine Love that is being continually sent out from the Heart of Source into your heart so you would always remember your Divine inheritance. Your cells are actually programmed to live in the unlimited joy and love of the Divine. Part of that Divine Inheritance is perfect health, longevity and immortality. This is the year for putting these ancient connections into practice.

As you move into your expanded DNA in 2012, you will bring your consciousness into the unlimited capacity to create. The Masters will be guiding you into the fullness of your 12-fold Christed estate of being as this level of your consciousness is the door that leads into your greater potential to co-create a new Golden Age.

This is the year of the entrance into the Golden Age - an Age of enLightenment and Divine Love. Light and Love are currently coming into the world in a way that has never been experienced in the history of humankind. It is directed at transforming the world and all of you who have volunteered to be a part of creating this Great Shift in consciousness.

In these classes, the Masters will assist you in creating an even more conscious relationship with your Twin Ray within so the two of you can support the 12-fold mastery of your inner feminine and your inner masculine. This union brings all of your everyday activities into your 5th Dimensional capacities for living on Earth in Unity Consciousness. And the ecstasy of the Divine is natural when you are one with your inner Twin Ray.

As you embody more and more of the consciousness of your Presence, you will discover not only your unlimited nature, yet also that everyone's DNA is ultimately connected and programmed to live in the joy of the Divine. This is simply one facet of your natural inheritance from Source, yet few have experienced the depth of joy and love that is truly possible during one's life on Earth. In this pivotal year of 2012, all of the qualities of the Divine can be more deeply experienced as a part of your own original encoding from Source.

Separation has existed solely as a figment of humanity's imagination based on their 3rd dimensional programming. As you move out of the limited confines of the thinking mind by moving your attention into the unlimited, quantum capacities of your Presence, you will naturally become a vital part of demonstrating the possibilities for living on Earth in Unity Consciousness. This is a tremendous gift to you and to all of life and it will allow thousands of souls to move forward without the density of the past veiling their connections with the Heart of all life.

You are invited to:

* Enter into new sectors of your being so you can move into more of your unlimited capacities to create what you really want to see manifested in this pivotal year.

* Bring your cells into a greater alignment with more of your crystalline light body, which will make it much easier to live in a way that is unrestricted by your past.

* Expand the original encoding that has been seeded in your Heart so this encoding can now be aligned with every cell of your body.

* Move into the mind of the Presence so you can see, hear and speak from this unlimited realm of the Self.

* Learn ways to remove all judgmental concepts that may still be limiting you, your friends, your family or even the world around you.

* Expand your capacity to live in the joy of the Presence and in all of its qualities.

* Learn to reach into the fullness of what can be accomplished and created by being introduced to the expanded frequencies that exist within all sound and color.

* As you move into these new sounds and colors, you will activating your 12-fold Christed estate of being. This will be amplified even more when you are working more consciously with your inner Twin Ray as this doubles your creative capacity and makes it easier for you to work with the Council of the 24 Elohim, who are directly related to what you will be creating in this new year.

* Move into the joy of the Divine by remembering your inheritance to live in your own omnipresent nature.

* Live in the ecstasy of the Divine that is natural when you are one with your inner Twin Ray in the Source Love and Light that you are always sharing within the heart of your co-joined Presence.

* Learn to move the alchemical frequencies of the heart into every cell of your body.

* In a relationship, see only the highest in the other, which will expand the highest within you.

* Learn more about your unlimited, spherical reality that allows you to work and serve all beings around the world.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose