Mastery II

Mastery II (Advanced Course)

As we enter into our next spiral for co-creating this glorious new Golden Age of Freedom, the Masters within the Councils of Shamballa are right beside us as they continue to mentor us to walk the Earth as Living Masters. Once you have completed Mastery I to Walk the Earth as a Living Master, you are eligible to take this Advanced Course.

The Mastery II Advanced Course is a quantum leap beyond the foundational Course as the Masters accelerate the energies within and around our bodies. These advanced classes are all initiations to open up the many levels that have been submerged - literally - since Atlantis. You can listen to an excerpt of this Course by clicking on the link later on this page.

In this Advanced Course to Walk the Earth as a Living Master, you will be assisted in opening your dormant DNA strands so you can access your inner genius and your gifts.

This will expand your greater capacity to manifest your Divine blueprint, as well as to manifest on every level.

Jeshua and Mary Magdalene will teach you how to create Sacred Relationship and Divine Union, as well as how to increase your electromagnetic field to attract the outer Twin Ray or Divine Complement relationship. They will cover the full potential of a Twin Ray couple on every levelómind, heart, body, sexuality, intuitive co-mingling, telepathic skills, and the ultimate lovemaking within the Oneness. The Keynote of the next Golden Age will be Oneness, where people are not divided within themselves and all opposites come into Oneness.

The Masters will increase your ability to embody the qualities of Source that are so vital for ushering in the next levels of Unity or Christ Consciousness. To make this shift a reality, they will unlock the keys within the Spiritual Heart to access all the love you were truly created to experience and share. The Heart is meant to be so full that it simply and easily pours into your planetary service, which is so needed at this time.

You will work with the Councils of Shamballa to affect positive change upon the Earth, such as with Lady Quan Yin to open the hearts of those who are so severely contracted that it is affecting the ascension of humanity. And you will continue to work with the Councils of Light to co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom.

This is what you can expect in this next level of learning to live as a Master:

*Opening your dormant DNA strands so you can access the crystalline-based codes of your previously veiled Divine inheritance of inner genius, Divine blueprint and the gifts within your spherical field of consciousness.

*Increasing all of the energies within your Spiritual Centers so you can fully embody the complete 12-fold potential of each one.

*Activating the Ascension Spiral within your body, enabling you to embody more of the Presence.

*Preparing your body for a greater increase in the Diamond Light to open your dormant DNA.

*Increasing equally the Opalescent Essence of Divine Grace within and around your body to give you more inner peace, guidance, abundance and Oneness with Source during this Great Shift of the Ages.

*Opening up your ability to experience all the love you were created to share, up to and including actual explosions of Love and Light within your cellular structure.

*Increasing your own self-love, your inner male/female balance, and your internal relationship with your Twin Ray, thus increasing your electromagnetic field for attracting the outer Twin Ray or Divine Complement.

*Creating a whole new relationship paradigm founded in unconditional love and total equality. In the Golden Age, couples will be able to completely unify within the Divine.

*Co-creating the next Golden Age will continue as you learn to work with the Elohim (the builders of all form), the elements, the gemstones and the planet herself within a powerful crystalline vortex.

*Learning how to direct sound into the Sacred Geometries, which allows you to consciously co-create the next Golden Age.

*Expanding your capabilities to manifest by aligning with your original encoding from Source.

*Creating a deeper connection to the consciousness of Lemuria in relationship to the new Golden Age.

*Understanding how to move through the 4th Dimension and into the 5th Dimension.

*Learning how to remain stable during these changing times as you go through the Great Shift of the Ages.

*Working with the Councils of Shamballa to affect positive change upon the Earth.

All the Mastery II classes held live in Maui have been recorded. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded Mastery II Class as well as the Lightwork Exercises given by the Masters. Then you will receive the next class every other week to give you additional time to work with the teachings, practices and exercises of these accelerated and deeper levels of the advanced classes.

This Mastery II Course will teach you how to embody more and more Love and Light so you can more fully embody the Presence. Truly there is no greater desire within the heart, there is no greater service within the world, and there is no greater satisfaction than to do this together.

In addition to the Mastery II classes, you will continue to be personally mentored by the Masters and have your questions answered on the weekly live Questions for the Masters teleconference / webcast to further support your journey in walking the Earth as a living master. Every week, you will continue to be in communication with the Masters and to benefit from their live answers and transmissions. As with all the classes, you can access the weekly teleconferences at your own convenience and for as long as you like, even after you have completed this Course.

What participants are saying about this Course:

"This Course has been a profound life-changing experience for me. My life has shifted and blossomed in magical ways. Words can not even begin to convey my gratitude." - L.T.

"This Advanced Course has blessed all areas of my life--from a greater embodiment of my Presence to realizing my full ability to create with the Divine. The gifts in the Lightwork Exercises are tremendous. This work has taken me into orgasmic bliss and ecstatic reunion with my Twin Ray and inner Beloved." - G.F.

"This Course transformed my life. I have not only more fully embodied my Presence, I have instant feedback in my body when I stray from my Presence. Stroke symptoms return if I stray into separation or victim consciousness. This has been one of the greatest gifts. Anything that no longer serves me is immediately realized and brought back into alignment with my Presence." - S.C.

"The transmissions from the Masters created incredible changes in me. And it continues to go on and on. With the 'tools,' I found so much love, compassion and forgiveness in me that I am a very different person." - K.G.

"The benefits I received from the Advanced Course are so great and so many. I feel a greatly expanded connection to Source and to all the guides and angels. I can 'hear' the guidance from these realms. I am now grounded in the strength of this eternal connection of oneness." - B.N.

"Every moment of the transmissions has been exquisite, riveting and life-changing. The power of the Lightwork Exercises is quite incredible, and the more I do them, the greater the continued effects in my life." - S.J.

"I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity to hold the hand of the Beloved, and to meet more deeply and ecstatically my own self as Beloved." - M.R.

"Blessings to our beloved Ascended Masters for the opportunity to live healed, whole and holy, creating and living Heaven on Earth." - P.K.

"As a result of this work with the Masters, the way is open before us to gently and lovingly guide all of life into liberation and fulfillment. What an honor to be one with this Brother/Sisterhood of Light and Love. Our destiny is fulfilled, and together we joyously step into the new realm of the Golden Age." - R.C.

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In the Love of the One Heart,
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose