Mastery III

Mastery III (Level III Course)

We extend to you an unparalleled invitation to participate in Mastery III, the most advanced Course thus far to Walk the Earth as a Living Master. This Course will prepare you on the deepest levels to embody more of your Presence. You will experience a much greater level of transformation within your physical, emotional and mental bodies, so you can lift your heart and mind into the true freedom of Unity Consciousness. It is from this place of Presence that the new Golden Age of Freedom and Abundance can truly be created and lived. Once you have completed the Mastery II Advanced Course to Walk the Earth as a Living Master, you are eligible to take this Level III Course.

As the participants in Mastery III can attest, this Course with the Masters is the best yet!

"This is one of the most profoundly inspiring classes that I recall in my wonderful journey of awakening, and I thank you for being the avenues for this wisdom and love to reveal itself." – M.O.

"Just when I think we've reached the top and there's no further to go, UP we go, higher and faster and more glorious than before." - N.H.

The Mastery III Course includes:

* Preparing the split mind to accept its original encoding of wholeness, and healing the deep scars created in Atlantis—not only the split in the hemispheres of the brain, but also the reduction of our DNA to two strands.

* Reinstating wholeness, equality and harmony between the mind and heart as well as between the upper and lower chakras, so the entire body can function according to its original Divine Blueprint.

* Opening the inner genius within the limbic or emotional brain, which relates to the thalamus, hypothalamus and amydala glands.

The limbic or emotional brain is connected deeply into the lower centers that make up the emotional body, so there needs to be a very powerful alliance between the brain, the heart and the first three Spiritual Centers. These alignments will greatly facilitate the maturing of the inner male and female, thus preparing them to walk as equals in their mastery. Walking as One requires a full blossoming of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Jeshua and Mary Magdalene will work with us to further this inner union within all 13 Spiritual Centers.

* Doing Twin Ray exercises that will assist in removing any residual armoring that may still be around the heart.

This removal expands the energies within the Sacred Heart that you share with your Twin Ray and it also increases your capacity to magnetize a partner that is your equal. This will be taking place even if you are not physically with your Twin Ray.

* Transforming and lifting the most ancient limiting information out of the bones so they can be re-encoded with your unlimited crystalline inheritance.

* Opening of the crystal DNA so there can be greater movement into the purity of the Presence and an additional expansion of the higher dimensional energies within the heart, the body and the spherical field of consciousness surrounding the body.

* Accelerating the activation of one’s Divine Blueprint, for as the bones are cleared, the separation misinformation is transformed and the bones can then move into alignment with their original Divine Blueprint.

As we awaken, the information in our bones is realigning with the heart’s original encoding. The reactivation of one's Divine Blueprint, which has been primarily dormant in most human beings is major, for it is here that people realize why they have chosen to incarnate and what they have now come to manifest as their part in the co-creation of the next Golden Age. This awakening involves every cell and atom in the body and though we are not the body, we are intimately and eternally connected with the Source Love and Light that is living through us and ultimately as us.

* Aligning more consciously with the ongoing resurrection of the Sacred or Spiritual Heart.

* Opening the profound and mysterious capacity of the breath to create a deeper connection to the body, especially within the first three Spiritual Centers, which have been locked in fear, pain and survival.

It is time for these centers to fully blossom according to their original plan for sustaining the higher feeling capacities of the soul. We were meant to literally feel the Self within everything and everyone.

* Stimulating and opening the extended spiritual senses that are encoded within the Spiritual Centers.

This opening provides a more conscious experience of union with each other and all of life.

* Using the breath as a major key to connect more intimately with the nature and animal kingdoms as they have both been taken for granted.

This opening is specifically designed to rearrange the way humanity has been trained for hundreds of years to abuse these kingdoms with total disregard for all the heavenly gifts they share with us every single day. This increased awareness is to engender more caring for all the precious expressions of Source who are ascending with us into Unity Consciousness.

* Learning Conscious Breathing Exercises. The breath has shortened in most all of humanity.

Part of this is based in the fear of really feeling what we have been doing to ourselves, each other and the world. Part of this is due to the stress that is created when the mind becomes the authority over the heart. Undue thinking takes one out of the moment and then little by little, the life force starts retreating.

We are being breathed by the Holy Spirit and it returns again and again to reunite us with our capacity to feel the love that is truly living us.

* Releasing all previous thought forms and identities that relate to the limited self.

This is necessary to reunite with the Presence, for that limited self was created by the delusion of the ego thinking it was needed in order to survive within the third dimension. The Presence or Master Self is not in survival, duality or fear. It is one with the infinite, unlimited consciousness of Source and it is never confined within any mental constructs that would attempt to give it an identity other than the limitless being that it is.

* Removing any obstacles that may be in the way of receiving your full abundance.

Exercises are given that work with the emotional body, as it is often within the emotional body that self-worth issues keep abundance from being manifested or flowing with more ease.

* Facilitating the union between your cleared body/mind and the ascended consciousness of your Presence.

This realignment is designed to permanently move your consciousness beyond the confines of the limited self.

All the Mastery III classes held live in Maui have been recorded. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded Mastery III Class as well as the Lightwork Exercises given by the Masters. Then you will receive the next class every other week to give you additional time to work with the teachings, practices and exercises of these accelerated and deeper levels of the Mastery III classes.

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In addition to the Mastery III classes, you will continue to be personally mentored by the Masters and have your questions answered on the weekly live Questions for the Masters teleconference / webcast to further support your journey in walking the Earth as a living master. Every week, you will continue to be in communication with the Masters and to benefit from their live answers and transmissions. As with all the classes, you can access the weekly teleconferences at your own convenience and for as long as you like, even after you have completed this Course.

The cost for the entire four and a half month online Mastery Level III Course and weekly live Questions for the Masters teleconferences/webcast is only $222 or three monthly installments of $79. To register, click here.

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In the Love of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose