Sacred Relationship I

Sacred Relationship I
Living in Union with the Beloved

You can be mentored by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene to ignite the full potential for living in Sacred Relationship and thereby establish the foundation for living in an ongoing state of Divine Union.

This Course, taught by Ascended Masters Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, is an invitation to bring the male and female facets of your soul into one co-joined Heart and Presence, and to practice the true art of making love with the Beloved.

This new relationship paradigm, which was the basis for Jeshua and Mary Magdalene’s relationship, is how we were originally meant to live together in the joy of the Divine while supporting each other’s highest calling as individuals and as a couple.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn how to create harmonious, inspiring relationships from the Masters who demonstrated this themselves.

This teaching applies to all relationships—family, friendships, business and romantic. Relationships founded in unconditional love for the self, each other and all of life are the foundation for the new Golden Age.

Beloved Jeshua and Mary Magdalene share what they learned and what they taught as advanced students in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Tibet.

This Course is for singles, couples or anyone choosing to practice the art of Sacred Relationship.

You will learn how to:

* Live together in the joy of the Divine by supporting each other’s highest calling as individuals and as a couple, always reflecting and seeing only the Divine within the self and within each other.

* Clear all the limited relationship ideas and ideals that you have carried forward from the past, as well as all the limited ideas you have projected into the future.

* Establish equality with each other in relationship to the Presence, so it is always a relationship of the three in one ~ the Beloved as the Presence and the two facets of the Self as the inner male and female, and the outer male and female, or you with another.

* Shift out of duality into unity and heal the split of the ages ~ the split mind that created the split heart.

* Replant the seeds of unity from the perspective of the Presence whose heart is always one with the Beloved.

* Connect on the level of infinite Divine Presence and expand your relationships into their unlimited potential. Go into the mystery of the Divine with yourself and with your partner, making your lives ever new and exciting.

* Support the full expression of the Love nature of the other and the Self.

* Express the full capacity of yourself and the other to communicate everything with Love.

* Feel your deep and lasting connection with your Twin Ray.

* Merge with the beloved within, and the Beloved.

* Realize the importance of the Inner Relationship right now in implementing your Divine Blueprint.

* Discover why you are not presently with a partner and how you can magnetize in your Divine Complement.

* Claim your capacity to create and sustain a sacred relationship.

* Expand yourself and your relationships into Unity consciousness. Connect in unity with everyone.

* Truly become One with the other.

* Experience the glow of union that takes place briefly after physical sex all the time.

* Enter a relaxed state of joy and ecstasy, of aliveness and delight in being with your partner, as you pulse love into each other, whether you are apart or together. Then when you see each other, it just brings it deeper into the physical, so the physical body can experience the union that is always so.

* Be in the pulsation of Love with the Divine, pulsing within the Heart of the Beloved in every moment so you are making love all the time.

* Make love from the Divine Source and then back into the Source.

* Experience sexuality as the fullness of union between the heavenly worlds through your body into the core of the Earth and the ultimate experience of the whole energy field making love.

* Discover the practices of Sacred Sexuality, as taught and lived by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene.

What Course Participants are saying:

“I just finished the Sacred Relationship Course and I am in a state of love and bliss. How profound and beautiful! Truly life changing.” - C.C.

“Thank you for providing a Course where I and others can experience our highest light and being. I am learning so much.” - D. M.

This Course is a catalyst for moving ever deeper into the Heart of the Self. This is an opportunity to experience the true meaning of love that has been lost to humanity over the centuries and now is being re-ignited as part of your Divine inheritance. Divine Union was intended to be part of one's everyday life and it is the foundation for Unity Consciousness and the new Golden Age of Freedom and Abundance.

This is a major Course for co-creating the true beginning of the New Golden Age and you have the opportunity to put these Sacred Relationship teachings into motion.

All the Sacred Relationship classes held live in Maui have been recorded and are now available online. As soon as you register, you will receive a web link giving you access to the first recorded class as well as the exercises given by the Masters. Each week you will receive the web link to access that week’s class recording as well as the important Lightwork Exercises.

In this three-week Course, you will learn how to create and sustain sacred relationships in your daily life. Each week you will receive practices to assist you in living in union with the beloved.

If you are ready to create sacred relationships, live in union with the beloved, and be part of co-creating the next Golden Age, register for the online Sacred Relationship Course with Jeshua and Mary Magdalene by clicking here. The cost for the 3-week online course is $133 for an individual and $233 for a couple.

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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,

Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose