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The Golden Age Man and Woman
Teachers Certification Training

Come to the Golden Age Man and Woman
Teacherís Training at our Ascended
Temple in Maui,
February 18-21

The Masters tells us now is the time for as many as possible to be taught how to be Golden Age men and women and truly walk the Earth as living masters. And teachers are needed who can model this and teach it to others.

Learn to live, love and co-create in total union with the Divine as a Golden Age man or woman. Embody your Presence and graduate into the ultimate expression of love with your twin ray, another and all of life. Discover the ecstasy of life itself, which is the foundation for the New Golden Age. Be the wayshowers of a whole new way of being in the world. And teach others to do the same.

The only pre-requisite for this training is the Golden Age Man and Woman Course, which is available now online. By registering now, you can complete this pre-requisite before the live Teacherís Training in Maui on February 18. To register, click here (scroll to near the bottom of the page) and you will begin receiving the 6 classes immediately.

In this Teachers Training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to be a living demonstration of your own mastery and a Golden Age man or woman.

The Golden Age Man & Woman Teachers Training will be presented by the Masters to train you to take this information out into the world and share it in your style with as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom!

Graduates of this Teacher Certification Training report:

"The Golden Age Man and Woman Teachers Training is one of the most experiential and encompassing spiritual courses I have ever taken. It provided us with many tools and gifts that will support our embodying the Presence at all times." - M.L.

"I experienced myself as All That Is in the bliss and Oneness that I now know to be who I truly am. I am in awe of the love and empowerment that exists within. In the last exercise I literally felt my heart had been caressed by God and I was left in a state of profound peace, love and bliss. Thank you for facilitating such a magnificent course." - P.M.

"The depth of the learning--practically, experientially, transformationally and to my very core--was profound. Learning to be love, embody love, remember love, and expand in love to Oneness was my truest gift. The teachings were modeled so beautifully that my soul remembered Love." - K.V.

"This Teachers Training enabled me to experience and witness a new, fast and effective way to transform past patterns of separation into wholeness of self connected with Source." - B.G.

"After experiencing the release of all limitations exercise in the Teachers Training, both a medical doctor and a scientific instrument confirmed that I no longer have any negative memories in my cells! It gives new meaning to 'cleaning house'." - M.O.

"Transformation takes place in an instant when you do the exercises of the Golden Age Man and Woman classes." - P.R.

"After being taught the Divine union exercise to experience Oneness with friends, family and partners in the Teachers Training, my husband and I later did this exercise on our own. We were intrigued that it could open up our potential to share in the ecstasy of the Divine within our physical and etheric bodies.

"It was more powerful than either of us could ever have imagined: As the energy was rising through my body I felt this euphoric feeling come over me. I realized I not only was making love to my husband, I felt this deep lovemaking to myself. As the energy slowly rose to my heart, I felt this explosion of energy. Pure unconditional love and light were all around me. I truly knew in that moment I was making love with the universe, the oneness of all. And I knew that I would never be the same." - C.C.

"My experience of going into Oneness with my beloved wife and making love to each other and to the universe has changed me. There was no veil, no illusion that we are separate from Source or each other. The experience changed the way I see myself and my beloved. It has created in me a place where I want to, and am better able to, share and explore even deeper with my wife. I feel even closer to her now than ever and I can share anything with her from that open balanced place without fear. I know that by being in that place of Presence and balance that I AM peace, I AM walking the earth as a living master." - P.C.

"I am already aware of an amazing shift in awareness. I am eternally grateful." - J.S.

"I am deeply grateful for this most incredible experience. I have been nurtured in the most loving way into clarity and understanding of what I am here on this planet to do." - J.M.

"Receiving such exquisite guidance from Source and awakening to my Divine Presence, I am now able to take my place as a wayshower in the world." - R.A.

"I would recommend this class to anyone wishing to experience life through the eyes of the Divine. All of that is possible through the expert guidance of Sharon and Kamala." - J.McK.

In this Teachers Training there will be new exercises for creating your reality out of the quantum, non-linear realms of your consciousness. These exercises will bring your physical, mental and feeling nature into stillness without stress, increasing the Light in your cellular structure and creating a deeper integration of the Presence within the physical body.

Since the heart, brain and cells in the body were intended to live in a constant state of rest and rejuvenation, exercises to augment going to stillpoint will be included as it lets the heart remember its original encoding from Source and how its pulsing rhythms are constantly bringing it back into resonance with the heart beat of the planet and the galaxy.

A new model of relationship for all business and communication in the Golden Age will also be included.

This training will involve active interactions with the Ascended Masters and with your own Presence addressing how you would like to facilitate and share the information you learned in the Golden Age Man and Woman Course.

Included in the training are manuals you can use as a teacher as well as for those attending your classes containing Lightwork Exercises and diagrams. You will choose how much or how little you want to share of the transmissions that were given by the Ascended Masters in the 6-week Course. You may teach this Golden Age Man and Woman Course alone or with another.

This Teacherís Training will include practice sessions using the information from the audio classes as well as materials in the manuals so you will leave this training feeling comfortable about what you will be sharing in your own classes.

This four-day Teachers Certification Training includes a morning and an afternoon session on all four days, ending with a graduation and certification ceremony.

In this Teachers Training, the Masters will cover:

* The Golden Age principles
* Golden Age Man and Woman Course premises
* New and expanded Lightwork Exercises
* New material to clarify your understanding and integration of the Golden Age Man and Woman Course premises and exercises.
* How to teach others to live, walk, love and co-create as Golden Age Men and Women.
* Assistance in how you want to live and present the Golden Age Man and Woman Course yourself.
*Answers to your questions.

The number of participants will be limited to ensure personal exchange with the Masters and receive their one-on-one assistance.

The Training will include:

*Live Transmissions from the Masters

*Question and Answer sessions with the Masters

*Practice in small groups

*Teachers Manual (including diagrams that can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation)

*Course Manual (for your participants)

*Certification to teach the Golden Age Man and Woman Course

On-going Support also available:

* Monthly Support Teleconferences with the Masters will be available to provide on-going coaching of Course presentation and handling questions or aspects of the Course with your participants.

* A network of Teachers of the Golden Age Man and Woman Course will be formed to share resources and feedback.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters to share with others how to live an unlimited life at one with the Presence and co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom, please click here to register.

The cost for the entire four-day Golden Age Man and Woman Teachers Training including Certification is $444. There is a $100 discount for couples taking the Training together or $394 each. Payment plans are available.

If you would like to be part of the Golden Age Man and Woman Teachers Training being held live in Maui on February 18-21 and receive Certification to teach this material to others, please click here to register.

Space is limited, so let us hear from you if you would like to participate in this Training.

If you have any questions, please email us at:
We look forward to hearing from you.

In the Love of the One Heart,

Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett