and Teachers Training.

Conscious Ascension
into the Golden Age
Teachers Certification Training 
Become Certified to Teach Conscious Ascension
Maui, Hawaii ~ August 31-September 3

You have waited thousands of years for the opportunity to ascend beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension. The Masters are offering this Training to not only expedite your own ascension into the freedom and abundance of Unity or Christ Consciousness on the 5th dimension, while still living on Earth, 
yet also as a way you can assist others to do the same.

People need to know that ascension beyond the limited 3rd dimension into true freedom is really possible ~ freedom from fear, freedom from lack, freedom from limited thinking and constricted feelings, freedom from being locked into the past and all of its painful memories, and freedom from debilitating dramas that are simply being controlled and sustained by the power that has been erroneously given to the ego.

There are specific times in the course of human evolution that are designed to awaken as many souls as possible so they can become actively involved in shifting the foundational consciousness of an entire world. This shift involves your ascension into an entirely new dimension of being and it is taking place now. You are being aligned with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint to expand your own ascension journey and your own potential for moving into the new Golden Age of Freedom. You are on the Earth during exciting, revolutionary times when everything and everyone is being cellularly recalibrated to live in the magnificence of the 5th dimension. We invite you ~ and all those you will be assisting ~ to become a conscious part of this grand ascension.

~ Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia

In this Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teachers Certification Training, the Masters will help you move your consciousness into the freedom of the 5th dimension by bringing you into Council in the Inner Plane Temples of Living Light that are now serving as educational centers that have been specifically designed to awaken the 5th dimensional crystalline frequencies within you. 

It has taken thousands of years to prepare you for ascending into the freedom and joy that is natural on the 5th dimension and natural to your Presence. The ascension is a magnificent demonstration of Divine grace and it is the greatest gift that has ever been offered an entire civilization. This Teachers Training will escalate your ascension as well as the Earth's, for you are both moving through this great shift in consciousness together. 

In the Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teachers Certification Training, this is what you will learn that you can teach others: 

*How to live in the unlimited realms of your Presence while knowing that this is truly who you are.

*Prepare specific energy receptors in your mind and body so you can receive more of the abundance of the Universe.

*Move out of all limiting 3rd dimensional thoughts, feelings and dramas so you can live as your ascended Master Self now.

*Awaken the cells in both the etheric and physical components of your body so they are aligned with your original Divine encoding. 

*Discover if what you are doing in your daily lives is really supporting your ascension and the further embodiment of your Presence. 

*How to focus your life force so every time you speak, you are able to sustain a communication link Presence-to-Presence.

*Energize internal power vortices for activating your dormant crystalline DNA and your ascended crystalline-based body. 

*Harmonize all of your senses with the qualities of your Presence so they can all be used for expediting your ascension. 

*Continue developing avenues for expanding the service you have come to implement during these times and in the new Golden Age.

*How to live in complete truth so you can sustain harmony within yourself and maintain it in your daily exchanges with others. 

*Live in the Presence as a family that truly involves everyone around the world and all of life. 

*Align with your Divine Blueprint as well as the 
Divine Blueprint for the Earth.

*How to protect and maintain your sphere and your body from all pollution on every level. 

*Expand your capacity to be a Great Central Sun magnet.

*How you can live in Unity or 5th dimensional Christ Consciousness all the time.

You are being invited to be the wayshowers of ascending into the freedom, abundance and joy of the 5th dimension and a new Golden Age.

The only pre-requisite for this training is the Conscious Ascension Course: Living as the Presence, Bringing Heaven to Earth, which is available online. By registering now, you can complete this pre-requisite before the live Teachers Training in Maui on August 31st. To register, click here (scroll down to #7) and you will begin receiving the 6 classes immediately.

Hereís what participants in the Conscious Ascension Course are saying:

"This Conscious Ascension Course takes the energy, information, connection and love to a level that is almost indescribable. I am uplifted, inspired, loved, and gracefully able to move through any obstacles that have blocked my well-being, the flow of my life force and my ascension. My heart and body are clear, open, full, and able to live Heaven here NOW! 
Patricia K.

"It is true joy to be in the Presence as beautifully revealed through Kamala and Sharon. I am abundantly blessed by my time with the Masters. I treasure every hour I spend with them, and my walk is graced by each insight and practice. I especially love that the classes are archived and I can listen anytime over and over." 
Mary O.

"I was deeply moved by the increased frequencies during this Course. I could feel the energies expanding in both my heart and my body. I highly recommend this Course." 
Andrea K.

In this Teachers Training, you will have the opportunity to be trained to teach this Course in your own way, in your own voice, and to be a living demonstration of conscious ascension.

The Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teachers Training will be presented by the Masters to train you to take this information out into the world and share it in your style with as many as possible to create a new Golden Age of Freedom!

This Teachers Certification Training will include active interactions with the Ascended Masters and with your own Presence as well as new exercises for creating your conscious ascension into your unlimited Presence.

You will receive a Teacherís Manual containing Lightwork Exercises and diagrams. You will choose how much or how little you want to share of the transmissions that were given by the Ascended Masters in the pre-requisite Course in your own classes.

This four-day training includes a morning and an afternoon session each day.

In this Teachers Training, the Masters will cover:

*The underlying principles of conscious ascension into unlimitedness while still living on Earth

*The foundational premises for establishing and maintaining conscious ascension into the freedom, peace, joy and abundance of the 5th dimension. 

*New and expanded Lightwork Exercises.

*New material to clarify your understanding and integration of the Conscious Ascension Course.

*How to teach others to support their own ascension process.

*How to teach others to live as their Presence and bring Heaven to Earth. 

*Assistance in how you want to present the Conscious Ascension Course yourself.

*Answers to your questions.

The number of participants will be limited to ensure personal exchange with the Masters and receive their one-on-one assistance.

The Training will include:

*Live Transmissions from the Masters.

*Question and Answer sessions with the Masters.

*Practice in small groups.

*Teachers Manual (including diagrams that can be used to create a PowerPoint presentation).

*Audio Recordings of the Transmissions from the Masters.

*Certification to teach the Conscious Ascension Course.

On-going Support also available:

* Twice-Monthly Mentoring with the Masters Teleconferences
to provide on-going coaching of Course presentation and handling questions or aspects of the Course with your participants, as well as new material and transmissions.

A network of Teachers of the Golden Age Courses to share resources and feedback.

If you would like to be mentored by the great spiritual Masters to share with others how to consciously ascend into the unlimitedness and joy of the 5th dimension and the new Golden Age of Freedom, please click here (scroll down to #7A) to register. 

The cost for the entire four-day Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teachers Training including Certification is $397. There is a $100 discount for couples taking the Training together or $347 each. Payment plans are available. 

If you would like to be part of the Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teachers Training being held live in Maui August 31-September 3 and receive Certification to teach this material to others, please click here (scroll down to #7A) to register. This is the only time this live Training will be presented this year.

Space is limited, so please register now to secure your place in this Training.

If you have any questions, please email us at:
We look forward to hearing from you.

In the Love of the One Heart,
Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett