Ascension Coaching Certification Training

Designed By the Masters

3-Month Program


Connect with Your True Essence and Divine Self

 and Create the Life of your Dreams


7-Step System to Live Your Ultimate Life

of Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment


Ever since the Ascended Masters began their personal Ascension Coaching Program earlier this year, we have received rave reviews. The Masters now want to have the steps they use with private clients taught to Ascension Coaches worldwide.


This 7-Step System has been created by some of the greatest spiritual Masters of all time, such as Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin, who have already mastered the physical plane and graduated into being the teachers and wayshowers for humanity.  They already know the exact steps that creates success on every level and they have designed an ascension program to most directly achieve mastery in all areas of life, including self-realization, personal fulfillment, loving relationships and creative expression of your life’s purpose, mission and work. So whether you desire coaching for actualizing your full potential or optimizing your health, your relationships, your business or finances, this program will show you how to achieve mastery, success and abundance in each arena of your life.


Due to their level of mastery, the Masters have designed this Ascension Coaching Program to be the most efficient, effective, direct and powerful all-inclusive coaching as it puts you in touch with your unlimited already self-actualized Self that transcends all limitations and allows you to realize your ultimate destiny and live your greatest life. And it reveals your unique Divine Blueprint for your life purpose, right livelihood, loving relationships and vibrant healthy body. The keys to achieving what you desire at the deepest level in business, abundance, relationships, health or self-actualization, are contained in this unique form of coaching that unlocks your magnificence, so you can access and receive your unlimited spiritual inheritance.


The Masters have created this powerful proven 7-step system that has stood the test of time and has allowed so many Masters to achieve ascension (while still in a physical body) and reach the heights in every area of human evolution. Their system is light years beyond strategies and tips to achieve success as their Ascension Coaching Program addresses everything at its Divine core, allowing you to rise into your greatness and ultimate destiny very quickly with the ease and grace of the Divine Presence that is already within you. They have described this program as the fast track to enlightenment and fulfillment of your deepest heart’s desires and your greatest dreams.


The Masters tell us the most important thing for you to know at this pivotal time in human history is how to tap into the unlimited power of the Divine within you, thereby manifesting the life you came to live ~ not only discovering your higher calling, life’s mission and right livelihood, and manifesting the health, relationships, and empowerment you desire, as well as having the impact on the world that you came to make, ultimately living a life of joy, success, abundance, and being part of co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom. 


In this program, you will discover that you came to Earth with a unique role to play in co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom. As you implement that role, you automatically rise or ascend out of the old, limited 3rd dimensional duality-based patterns held in the mind, emotions and body and into your Divine essence as you transmute, transform and lift into the unlimited 5th dimensional octaves of your consciousness. You will be clearly guided step by step in how to fulfill your unique role in co-creating a new Golden Age of Freedom.


Now is the time in human evolution to live your ultimate life ~ as your Greatest Self. What if you knew that you have come fully equipped to succeed with all the power and qualities of God already within you?  The truth is you have.  It is time to not only tap into that power and utilize those qualities to create the life you so joyously came to live, knowing that your contribution would be an important pivotal part of the Divine Global plan to transform the world that resonates with your heart and soul ~ and to teach others to do the same.


It is time to truly ascend or rise into the highest truth of who you are and your highest destiny living a life of success, joy and meaning that makes your heart sing and brings you abundance on every level.


In this Ascension Coaching Certification Training, you are being given the opportunity for you to learn these 7 steps first, so you will be able to coach others to also ascend into their highest Self and live their greatest life.


This program will teach you how to successfully coach others that will truly fulfill their destiny as well as yours!  


Here’s what this Ascension Coaching Certification Training will include:


Module 1. Aligning with the Power of Your Unlimited Divine Self


Module 2. Living AS the Presence of Your True Unlimited Self


Module 3. Connecting with Your Inner Guidance System to Create the Life You Want


Module 4. Discovering & Activating Your Divine Calling, Your Right Livelihood, Your Life’s Work and Mission that you came to Earth to give as Your Service to the World.


Module 5. Creating Sacred Loving Relationships ~ Presence to Presence


Module 6. Creating a Healthy, Vibrant Body


Module 7. Manifesting Your Ultimate Life


If you know that you are here with a larger purpose and long to help others release their full potential and create a greater life, this certification training is for you.


If this speaks to you, you are invited to participate in this life-transforming Training and be certified as an Ascension Coach to help others live their ultimate destiny. 


In this Ascension Coaching Certification Training you will not only learn how to rise into your own Divine Self, you will also be certified to teach others how to live as their Ultimate Self and create the life of their dreams, making a significant contribution to the lives of others and the larger world.


If you have always wanted to live your highest destiny, actualize your full potential, and make a huge difference in the world, this certification training is for you.


We invite you to truly realize your heart’s calling and live your highest dream.  Now is the time to actualize your reason for being on Earth at this pivotal time as we go through the Great Shift of the Ages and be part of creating a new Golden Age of Freedom.


SPECIAL BONUSES when you Register:   

1. Conscious Ascension Course ($188 value)

2. Conscious Ascension into the Golden Age Teacher Training ($397 value)

*Total Value of Bonuses: $585


This 3-month Ascension Coaching Certification Training begins as soon as you register. You will receive a new module every other week. This program consists of seven 90-minute LIVE online classes with the Masters’ teaching, tools, exercises and time for questions and answers. You can send us your questions for the Masters and you will receive their answers. You will receive Lifetime access to all 7 Modules as well as being able to download them to your computer as a permanent file.


What our participants are saying:


 “I loved our session and I know that God and the Ascended Masters are helping me to live the highest and best version of my life in this lifetime.”


“The daily alignment exercise has been a most incredible experience. The merging with my Divine Presence by itself has been indescribable.  My developing and expanding experience with my Presence has been and continues daily to be life changing. Thank you for all you do in making such life changing experiences possible for me.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the healing session with the Masters.  It was so incredibly supportive and beautiful and helped to facilitate a connection that had been missing for some time.”


"I am still floating from my session with the Masters (and doubt at this moment that I will ever come down).  I wish everyone on the planet was beating your door down, for if they were we'd be living in the 5th Dimension tomorrow!!!


I hope with all of my heart that you have a sense of the depth of gratitude I feel towards you for the truly unspeakable transformation you have made possible in my life.  Without a doubt, the Masters have transformed my life.”


Registration for this 3-month Ascension Coaching Certification Training, including Special Bonuses amounting to $585, is only $597 or 3 monthly payments of $207. Register by going to or click here (scroll down to item #35).


If you have any questions, please email us at:


To register, click here (scroll down to item #35).


In the Love of the One Heart we share,

Sharon Rose


Sharon Rose is co-founder of the world-wide Ascended Masters Mystery School, which for the past 10 years has been offering online trainings, advanced courses and teaching/coaching certifications in the areas of spiritual development, personal growth and self-mastery that serve hundreds of people all across the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Canada. The participants include teachers, authors, engineers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, ministers, performers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, composers, producers, managers, parents, homemakers and more.


Sharon has been bringing through the Ascended Masters and coaching people in all fields, including C.E.O.s, entrepreneurs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, spiritual seekers and those desiring self-mastery for the past 35 years. Her life-changing Visionary Transformation System received in conscious communication with the Masters has transformed lives all over the world. Sharon is past Director of The School for Self-Mastery and Center for Esoteric Studies and has written more than a dozen spiritual books.