Learn Golden Age Practices to Heal & Communicate with your Pet

Transform Your Environment for You & Your Pet to Live in Optimum Health & Harmony

April 19, 26 and May 3
& Online Worldwide w/Downloadable Replays


You are invited to participate in a Course inspired by the Masters and learn how to apply the enlightened practices used in past Golden Ages with your own pets. This new Course will show you how to create a happy home with your beloved animals. You will learn how to understand what they need when they are acting out, and how to communicate with them so you can assist them to restore their health, energy and spirit to be the loving helpful companions they were designed to be. This is an opportunity to create a harmonious home environment that nurtures you both in every way!


Would you like to know why your pet is acting out and what you can do when your pet becomes ill?  


Would you like to learn how to communicate with your pet?  


Would you like to know what your pet is trying to tell you when their behavior becomes destructive or violent?  


Would you like to know how to create healthy, happy, harmonious pets that add love and protection to your home?


If you answered ŇyesÓ to any of these questions, this course can assist you in knowing what your pet is trying to tell you and what you can do to correct the situation that will bring harmony for you both. 


Rather than watch your beloved pets suffer when they are ill, feeling helpless as to what to do or wondering what they are trying to tell you with their persistent disturbing behavior or feeling at your wits end when you are unable to stop their sometimes destructive or violent ways, you have the opportunity to understand their behavior and what they need to bring them back into balance.  This course will show you how your pet is the Geiger counter of your environment and how to restore harmony in your home that will benefit you both. You will also learn how to assist the animals of the world to return to peace and fulfill their part in bringing Heaven to Earth.


Jeshua (Jesus):  


"Your precious pets were Divinely designed to teach you how to live in harmony and unity with one another. They come as emissaries to show you what you have forgotten about yourselves and to assist you in your ascension back into the unlimited unique expressions of God that you are. They come as awakeners to end this cycle of forgetfulness that has allowed humanity to descend into acts of destruction, violence and war. They come in service to show you the way back home.Ó  


The enlightened Golden Age practices taught by the Masters will show you how to care for your pets in the optimal way in alignment with the New Earth. You will learn how to communicate with your pet so you know what it needs as well as how to raise their vibration through food, supplements, energy work and transformation of their environment so they can achieve health and harmony. 


Mother Mary: 


"Beloveds, the time when the lion lies down with the lamb is up to you. Their present behavior is a reflection of the present behavior of humanity. We invite you to assist the animals so they may fulfill their role in bringing Heaven to Earth."


At this pivotal time as you go through the Great Shift of the Ages from the old way to the new, you have the power and ability to greatly assist the animals to release the heavy burden they have been carrying for humanity, starting with your own pet, by learning how to communicate with them and listening to their wisdom so that balance and harmony can be restored on every level. They are the canaries in the coalmine.  It is time to listen. This Course will show you how and what the changes are that need to happen to create a new cycle of freedom ~ starting with you in your own home.


I had the great honor and privilege of growing up with animals and they were my early teachers. I learned how to use my intuition from my cat. And I learned loyalty from my dog who was my constant companion. They taught me the meaning of unconditional love. And along the way, they taught me how to communicate with them. From an early age, I was aware of their wisdom and revered them as my dear friends who had the ability to see into other dimensions that were too subtle for me to see at that time.  To this day, I look to the animals to alert me if there is an earthquake or a disturbance in nature about to occur. And they are often aware of the angels in the environment before I am.  So it is with great joy that I offer this Course of the MastersŐ teaching of the Golden Age relationship and practices with animals and how to communicate with them and assist them in their healing and fulfillment of their role to aid us in our ascension and the ascension of all humanity into a new era of peace.


In this Course you will learn:

* Your petŐs purpose and role in your life 

* How your pet is assisting you in your ascension

* Golden Age communication with animals

* Why your pet is acting out and what to do about it


* Why your pet is sick and what they are trying to tell you


* How to set up a nurturing environment for your pet


* Lightwork Techniques to transform negative symptoms in your pets


* High Vibrational Healing Aids to raise your pet's frequency consistent with their blueprint and to balance their energy centers


* How your pet can expand your health and extend your life span


* How your energy affects your animal companions


* What you can learn from the animals and what they are here to teach you


* How to free the animals from the negative energy burden of these times


* How to restore harmony and balance to animals that have experienced trauma.


* Golden Age Clearing and Healing Exercises


* Techniques to transform the energy in the home


* Lightwork practices to assist animals in the wild and in factory farms


*How the animals were treated in the Golden Ages of the past and their important role


*How you can assist the animals of the world to bring Heaven to Earth.


In this course, you will receive teachings, tools, understandings, strategies, examples and exercises that will allow you and your pet to live in peace, harmony and unity. 


If you would like to learn how to communicate with your pet and create health and harmony in your home, please go to: www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com/?Payment or click here (scroll down to item #34) to register. 

This Course consists of three 90-minute classes, presented live Online each week via teleclass/Skype/webcast, April 19, 26 and May 3 (with downloadable Replays available immediately).

When you register, you will receive information of how to participate in this three-class Course offered live April 19, 26 and May 3 by teleseminar/Skype/webcast, and available Online worldwide with immediate downloadable Replays. You can register by going to: www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com/?Payment or clicking here and scrolling down to #34.

The cost for all three classes of  is only $99. There is a discount for couples taking the Course together of $149.

If you would like to be part of this exciting adventure using Golden Age practices to help your pet and the animals in your world, go to: www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com/?Payment or click here (scroll down to item #34) to register.

If you have any questions, please email us at: 


To register go to: www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com/?Payment or click here (scroll down to item #34).

In the Love of the One Heart we share,

Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose has been bringing through the Ascended Masters and coaching people in all fields, including C.E.O.s, entrepreneurs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, spiritual seekers and those desiring self-mastery for the past 35 years. Her life-changing Visionary Transformation System received in conscious communication with the Masters has transformed lives all over the world. Sharon is co-founder of the Ascended Masters Mystery Schoolpast Director of The School for Self-Mastery and Center for Esoteric Studies and has written more than a dozen spiritual books.