30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence

A 2-Day Online Event


Step into Your Mastery, Accelerate Your Ascension

This is the Time of Personal & Planetary Ascension



We are calling all Lightworkers to be part of a glorious two-day online event designed to change the course of history and literally turn the tide of the downward, negative spiral that is presently occurring in your world. The powerful energy downloads from the heavenly realms that are being released now are unprecedented and intended to be used for personal and planetary ascension.


You have the opportunity at this time, like no other, to achieve personal mastery and ascension that will also create a global awakening and ascension, just as the 1st Harmonic Convergence launched the Great Shift of the Ages and this current cycle of Ascension.


In 1987, thousands upon thousands of Lightworkers gathered together all over the globe to meditate in unity to create a better world, and we are once again asking you to come together to use the Light and Love being released to Earth to awaken humanity to their True Selves, the unlimited Divinity within them to create lives of freedom and joy, thereby restoring the Divine Plan of peace, harmony, mutual empowerment and abundance for all, creating a New Golden Age of Freedom.


This is the time to move beyond living in the old limited world of separation from your Divine Source and your God-given abilities to create the life you want, which has created conflict, poverty, wars, dis-ease and lack. 


Now there is a New Earth fast approaching that is free of negativity, no dis-ease, conflict, violence, war, death or lack of any kind. And you are making your choice every day with every thought, feeling, word you speak and action you take whether you are aligned with this unlimited 5th dimension New Earth or with the old limited 3rd dimension world. 


This is the New Golden Age of Freedom we the Ascended Masters have been speaking to you about for the past almost 11 years, preparing and training you to Walk the Earth as a Living Master. This is the time of Mastery, Dear Ones, so that you can live the empowered, enlightened life of peace, love, joy, abundance and freedom you came here to live.


You are entering a powerful phase of personal and planetary ascension. There are many powerful celestial events happening this month of August to facilitate your ascension. First the 8:8 Lion’s Gate to align you with universal Christ Consciousness and Oneness, then the Lunar Eclipse which will bring in more of the loving Divine Feminine energy, and the New and Full Moons culminating with the Harmonic Convergence to align you with your 5th dimension mastery and ascension. 


This is in preparation for the Full Solar Eclipse on August 21st, which is the cosmic Reset Point of the Masculine energy, so that the energy that is focused on at that time will be used to expand the highest or Divine Masculine energy aligned with the Divine Presence for the highest good of all,  assuring that the current negative ego behavior of greed, violence and war is not continuing to be expanded, indeed ushering in a new era of the Divine Masculine, bringing peace and plenty aligned with the restoration of the Divine Plan on Earth. This will be a powerful turning point to transform you personally, as well as facilitating a global ascension. 


For when these powerful downloads of pure Light and Love are released from the heavenly realms, they stimulate whatever you are focused on. If you are focused on limitation, lack, dis-ease or negativity of any kind, that is what is expanded by these great energy downloads and then lack, limitation, dis-ease and negativity are expanded in your life and in humanity. And when you are focused on the unlimited Divine energy of Love and Light that is flowing into you, you have the ability to manifest what will bring you joy with grace and ease.


This will ensure the energy of the full Solar Eclipse on August 21 will be used as the highest expression of the Divine Masculine to protect and implement this Divine Plan, setting the stage to transform humanity back into their highest potential of living as their Divine Self, the Presence of God within them and returning the Earth back into the Garden of Eden it was always intended to be. Then this Solar Eclipse on the New Moon creates an entirely new beginning for you and all humankind. This is the opportunity for a global ascension into the unlimited 5th dimension of mastery, creating a new Golden Age of Freedom.  This is the game-changer for humanity.   We invite you to participate.


There is much that needs to be transformed, personally and globally, including old behaviors that no longer serve you or life. In this two-day online event, you will have the opportunity to transform any limiting behavior patterns and raise your frequency to align with the New Earth and live the unlimited life you designed for yourself before coming into this world, as well as transforming the limiting behavior patterns still held within humanity.


You are invited to experience union and Oneness with your God Presence and engage in loving service to the Divine that at one time might have been considered miraculous. You are indeed now entering a time where miracles will soon seem commonplace.


Unity or Christ Consciousness will soon become your norm and any remnants or memory of separation will truly be forgotten. It is time to return to the joy of mastery and unity known as Christ Consciousness.


We are calling all Lightworkers together on the 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence to lift the vibration of humanity and Planet Earth beyond the current set point of misuse of power through greed, violence and war to the highest of the Divine Masculine of aligning with the Will of Mother/Father God to restore the Divine Plan of Peace on Earth. 


You are invited to be part of this powerful coming together of Lightworkers to lift humanity back into its Divine destiny.  Your help is needed, Dear Ones.  We invite you to participate in this life-changing and global ascension back into the Light and Love of God.


The focus of the 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence is personal and global awakening, transformation and ascension.  This is the time to accelerate your own personal ascension as well as for all of humanity and the planet.  This is providing a profound opportunity to quantum leap to the next level of your spiritual growth and mastery.


You will have the opportunity to cleanse away and release anything that is standing in your way to achieve full mastery and truly walk the Earth as a Living Master, living as your Divine Self consciously creating the life that brings you Joy.


The great need of the hour is to not only achieve your own ascension into the unlimited dimensions of your True Self, the unlimited Divinity within you, and actualize the glorious life that is recorded in your Life’s Blueprint that you came to live, as well as to assist humanity in this priceless opportunity to change the downward spiral of humanity that is being brought to the surface, and thereby change the course of history and create a global and planetary ascension into creating a new Golden Age of Freedom.  We are calling all Lightworkers to participate in this magnificent global ascension.  If this resonates with your heart and soul, please join us and be part of turning the tide for yourself and all humanity. 


It will be an honor to have you take your place in this historic event to be part of creating the world you all want to live in.


This 2-day Global 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence is available online worldwide with two 90-minute LIVE online classes: August 16, which will focus on your personal mastery and ascension and August 17, which will focus on global mastery and ascension. The Masters will take you into this unprecedented powerful vortex of mastery and ascension, as well as provide exercises and answer your questions. You can send us your questions for the Masters before the event or afterward and you will receive their answers. You will receive Lifetime access to this event as well as being able to download the recordings to your computer as a permanent file.


The online LIVE 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence will be held on both Wednesday, August 16 and Thursday, August 17 at 12 pm Hawaii, 3 pm Pacific, 4 pm Mountain, 5 pm Central, 6 pm Eastern U.S. time.  

For international time to find the time in your area, go to: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html


 Know that the entire online LIVE event will be recorded and available immediately at the end of each session for listening and download at your convenience.


“Sharon Rose is absolutely one of the most gifted spiritual channels and teachers on the planet today.”

~ John Cali, author, The Book of Joy 


"What you offer through the gifts coming from Divine Source extends beyond any amount of money this world knows. The exchange is beyond priceless!"

~ M.T, Engineer


"I am still floating from my last time with the Masters. I wish everyone on the planet was beating down your door, for if they were, we'd be living in the 5th Dimension tomorrow!!!

~ R.I., Retreat Center Owner


Registration for this 2-day online LIVE event, 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence is $98 or $144 for a couple. Register by going to www.walktheearthasalivingmaster.com/?Payment

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To register, click here (scroll down to item #37).


In the Love of the One Heart we share,

Sharon Rose


Sharon Rose is co-founder of the world-wide Ascended Masters Mystery School, which for the past almost 11 years has been offering online trainings, advanced courses and teaching/coaching certifications in the areas of spiritual development, personal growth and self-mastery that serve hundreds of people all across the U.S., Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Canada. The participants include teachers, authors, engineers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, ministers, performers, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, composers, producers, managers, parents, homemakers and more.


Sharon has been bringing through the Ascended Masters and coaching people in all fields, including C.E.O.s, entrepreneurs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, spiritual seekers and those desiring self-mastery for the past 35 years. Her life-changing Visionary Transformation System received in conscious communication with the Masters has transformed lives all over the world. Sharon is past Director of The School for Self-Mastery and Center for Esoteric Studies and has written more than a dozen spiritual books.