Sail through these Turbulent Times  


Private Mentoring from the Masters

A Year Long Program


You are invited to participate in a year-long mentorship program and be privately mentored by some of the greatest ascended spiritual Masters of all time, such as Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Quan Yin, to live your greatest life.


Ever since the Ascended Masters began this personal mentoring program, they have received rave reviews and extraordinary results, such as coaching a 76-year old woman who had been paralyzed with polio since the age of 5 and unable to walk, and now for the first time in more than 70 years is walking again ~ without assistance ~ a mile a day!


Each month the Masters will coach you to take the next step on your evolutionary journey to reach your full potential and fulfill your ultimate destiny.


“We are here to guide you into your best, most rewarding life that allows you to grow in mastery, happiness and prosperity. It is our joy to lovingly assist you in this next year to take a quantum leap forward into the freedom and majesty of the Golden Age life you came to Earth to live. Take our hands, beloved, as we guide you into the Presence of God within you and the ability to manifest the life of your greatest dreams.”   

~ Jeshua (Jesus) and Mother Mary


This new expanded program will be custom-designed to fit your unique needs at a pace that works for you. The Masters will answer all your questions as they arise, so you can step forward with clarity, ease and grace. 


Would you like to have answers to your most pressing questions?


Would you like to have the Masters coach you during times of challenge and change?


Would you like to have the wisdom and guidance of the Masters to empower you to manifest your best year ever?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this program can gracefully guide you through this next year, mastering any situations that might have brought stress, disappointment, sadness, anger, conflict or loss in the past. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your golden opportunity to live a rewarding, fulfilling life as the living demonstration of the Presence of God in physical form that you came to be.


My Story

There have been lots of times when I have not known what to do and needed wise answers fast. I asked the Masters to mentor me, and they have coached me through many hard times and it has made all the difference in the world.


Some months ago, I was in a near-fatal car crash, crushing the car around me, fracturing most of the bones in my body and tearing my heart necessitating immediate surgery to save my life, followed by 6 weeks in the hospital and more weeks of recovery time at home. I was told I may never walk again and would always be on pain medication.


Yet thanks to the impeccable guidance of the Masters, I have had a complete recovery and I am walking again, off all medication, and returned to my full-time work with the Masters.


My life path has allowed me to be a living demonstration time and again of what is possible by following the wisdom of the Masters, whether healing relationship, business, financial or physical issues.


To give you just one example, 35 years ago I was diagnosed with a fatal illness and given 6 to 9 months to live. Yet with the Masters’ guidance, I was able to recreate a whole new healthy body in 5 months, facilitating my awakening and transformation. And I never needed to go to a medical doctor again until this recent car accident, which brought forth a whole new series of learning and mastery.


I am deeply grateful for the Masters’ wise counsel that has brought me to an even more wonderful place than before.


Imagine what being coached by the Masters can do for you and how your life can be immeasurably enhanced!


Rather than dealing with the twists and turns of life’s journey alone, not knowing if you are making the best choices, you now can use the wisdom of the Masters who have already graduated from the physical plane and ascended into the realm of mastery. If you want to receive direct immediate answers from the Masters to move through life’s challenges and surprises, you can now receive the answers you desire.


If you have not yet made direct contact with the Masters or your own Divine Presence, this will open the door for your own inner guidance to flow through to you.


“Did you know Self love—love of your true Self, the Presence of God within you—is the fast track to enlightenment and the key to manifesting everything you desire? Let me show you how.”                                                            ~ Jeshua


In this Private Mentoring with the Masters you will learn how to:


*Achieve your greatest potential

*Fulfill your Divine Blueprint

*Live the life of your dreams 

*Receive the answers to all your questions

*Deepen your connection with your Divine Self

*Easily connect with your wise inner guidance.

*Co-Create with the Masters your part of the Global Solution to bring Heaven to Earth.


In this program, you will receive teachings, tools, understandings, strategies, examples and exercises from the Masters that will align you with your greatest joy, your greatest Self and the life you want to live.


What You Will Receive:

*Private Conversations with the Masters to move beyond any challenges 

*Customized Personal Mentoring to Achieve Success and Greatness on every level

*On-going Practices to enhance & accelerate your Self-Mastery


What You Can Expect:

*Breakthrough patterns of limitation

*Discover and Actualize Your Life’s Purpose

*Connect with Your Greatest Wise Self

*Create the Life You Came Here to Live

*Set Yourself up for Success on Every Level.


If you would like to actualize the glorious life you came to live in unity with your unlimited Divine Self and the wise guidance and mentorship of the Masters, click here (scroll down to item #33) to register. 


This Program consists of 12 private one-on-one personal mentoring sessions with the Masters given each month to achieve what is needed via telephone/free webcall/webcast, with downloadable Replays available immediately.


* The Masters have expanded their former Private Mentoring with the Masters Program to best serve your expanded needs during these turbulent times. They have now extended your personal one-on-one session time with you each month beyond one hour to whatever is needed, as often sessions releasing old limiting patterns can be 2 hours in length. So no matter how much time is needed, there will be no additional cost. 


* In addition to extending their one-on-one time with you each month, you will also receive unlimited email support from the Masters, where you will receive their wisdom and answers in response to your personal emails. 


* You will also receive the theme of the energies present each month and the steps to safely and successfully navigate these energies to create your ultimate life.


“Sharon Rose is absolutely one of the most gifted spiritual channels and teachers on the planet today.”

~ John Cali, author, The Book of Joy


What Participants in this Program are Saying:


"What you offer through the gifts coming from Divine Source extends beyond any amount of money this world knows. The exchange is beyond priceless! Thank you Sharon for coming into my life. I honor you for the AWESOME work you offer.” 

~ M.T, Business Owner


“The daily alignment exercise has been a most incredible experience. The merging with my Divine Presence by itself has been indescribable.  My developing and expanding experience with my Presence has been and continues daily to be life changing. Thank you for all you do in making such life changing experiences possible for me.” 

~ J.B, author


“I love, love, love my sessions with the Masters. Every time I am given a fresh, new, loving perspective that shows me how to live my life in a more successful, meaningful way.” 

~ K.C., Engineer 


"I am still floating from my last session with the Masters.  I wish everyone on the planet was beating your door down, for if they were we'd be living in the 5th Dimension tomorrow!!!


"I hope with all of my heart that you have a sense of the depth of gratitude I feel towards you for the truly unspeakable transformation you have made possible in my life.  Without a doubt, the Masters have transformed my life, but you will forever be in my heart as the dear soul who arranged and facilitated the meetings.” 


~ R.I., Retreat Center Owner


“Working with Sharon was one of my most profound and heart opening teachings I have ever done. In Sharon I found my first true teacher (and I had a lot before). She teaches from the heart, with all her wisdom and love. She is a clear channel, strongly connected with the higher realms, the ascended masters, the angels and all divine beings. 


“Coming into my Divine Presence, remembering who I am opened the gateway to integrate a lost part of myself. Through this true and deep connection with Self, connected with the Divine Source, a very important missing piece was found and integrated: Walking as a living Master!”   

~ A.S., therapist


“I saw a big difference in my relationships after the last coaching session. I have seen a remarkable change in my 3 major relationships, and the individuals I previously felt blocks with, and in all relationships in my life. Now I handle myself and communicate very differently.  I now feel love at a higher level in both giving and receiving love and joy. A huge transformation has occurred and I am forever grateful.”         


~ B. D., Corporate Manager 


“I love our sessions and I know that God and the Ascended Masters are helping me to live the highest and best version of my life in this lifetime.” 

~ M.G., Administrator


"I want to thank you for bringing why things weren’t working in my life into a clear picture and now I have a clear understanding of what I was totally unaware of. It is very enlightening. I am so grateful to you and the Masters for this new awareness. It would never have been brought to the light without you. Thank you again.”


~ W. D., Writer


"My time with you and the Masters is one of the most precious parts of my life. Thank you for this valuable asset.”


C. G., Artist & Screenwriter


"I wish everyone could experience the transformation I have received! I feel such a big relief as all the weight has been taken off my shoulders. My heart is shining again.  So much gratitude to the Divine Masters & dear Sharon who can offer you the most wonderful experience in this lifetime.”   


~ V.B., Business Owner



Sharon Rose has been bringing through the Ascended Masters and coaching people in all fields, including C.E.O.s, entrepreneurs, New York Times Bestselling Authors, spiritual seekers and those desiring self-mastery for the past 35 years. Her life-changing Visionary Transformation System received in conscious communication with the Masters has transformed lives all over the world. 


You are invited to move beyond limitation and live in the Divine Flow here and nowThrough private conversation and personal coaching with the Masters, you will be lovingly and gently guided into your greatness and the life of your heartfelt dreams.


When you register, you will receive information of how to participate in this 12-month Private Personal Mentoring with the Masters Program. You can register by clicking here and scrolling down to #33.


The cost for this year-long Private Personal Mentoring with the Masters Program, which includes 12 private personal coaching sessions, unlimited email support and monthly guides to navigate safely and easily through the current energy is $2,244. You will receive a Bonus additional Mentoring Session with the Masters when you pay in full. Or you can make 12 monthly installments of $188 each.


Wouldn’t you rather be wisely mentored each step of the way in this next year, rather than hoping and praying your choices are the best ones for you, your right livelihood and your loved ones?


To be part of this year-long adventure with the Masters as your mentors and guides and create your greatest life as your unlimited True Self in this next year, click here (scroll down to item #33) to register


If you have any questions, please email us at:


To register, click here (scroll down to item #33).


In the Love of the One Heart we share,

Sharon Rose