Wesak Initiations to Consciously Create in Unlimitedness and Joy


Receive Powerful Initiations from

the Buddha, Christ & Mother Mary

during the Wesak Festival


April 20, 21, 22

Worldwide Webcast


We invite you to come into Council with Buddha, Christ, Mother Mary and the Masters to receive their Initiations and to open up the gates of your spiritual inheritance of unlimitedness on every level. Your ability to access your Divine birthright of abundance is based on your connection with your Presence. This is an invitation to expand your capacity to be a living demonstration of your own unlimited Presence.


You are invited to gather at the sacred time of Wesak when the major Initiations are given from both Buddha and the Christ, each in one body with their Twin Rays, and now with the addition of the Divine Mother to create a new paradigm on Earth that includes the Divine Feminine in all creations.


These 3 days will be a triple Initiation of mind, heart and body, and it will take all 3 days to receive this full Initiation and activation of your spiritual inheritance to create without limits with ease and grace. Each class will build upon the next to activate your ability to truly create with the unlimitedness and joy of your Presence.


What You Can Expect:


*Connect with your enlightened Buddha Mind that only sees the Truth of the Divine in everyone, starting with yourself, and all of Life


*Expand your Christed Heart to activate the Power of Love that creates all things


*Bring the Enlightened Buddha Mind and expanded Christed Heart into the whole of your body


*Allow your body to remember itself as the Light and the Love of the Divine


*Imprint every spiritual center in the body with your Divine Blueprint for these times


*Merge your Divinity with the Heart and Mind and Body and the actual substance of the Creator Source


*Create new paradigms of unlimitedness and joy that serve all of life.


These Initiations will move you gracefully into your next level of spiritual evolution and also stimulate a greater awareness of your part in the Divine Plan ~ your part for bringing heaven to Earth.


You will also telepathically journey to the sacred Ceremony with the Buddha and the Christ that takes place every year at the time of Wesak in a remote valley in Northern Tibet.


The Initiations that are possible at the time of Wesak are not possible at other times of the year.  We invite you to participate.


What You Will Learn:


* Establish Unity Consciousness and bring that consciousness into your daily life 


* Discover how the last Golden Age in Atlantis was co-created


* Explore how those in Atlantis sustained the 5th dimensional levels of their Golden Age Consciousness


* Realize how those in Atlantis created their fall into the 4th and then into the 3rd dimension, which set up the pleasure/pain cycle of lack and limitation that still exists today


*Access the higher dimensional grid of Atlantis and re-activate your own memories of living in a Golden Age. 


If you would like to receive these powerful Initiations from the Buddha, Christ and Mother Mary to create an unlimited life of love, joy and abundance, please click here (scroll down to #18, Wesak Initiations to Consciously Create in Unlimitedness and Joy) to register.


The cost for all three classes of the Wesak Initiations to Consciously Create in Unlimitedness and Joy is only $98. There is a discount for couples taking the Course together or $148.


If you would like to receive these powerful Wesak Initiations, click here (scroll down to #18) to register. When you register, you will receive confirmation and access to this Course.


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In the Love and Light of the One Heart,


Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose