Mastery I

Mastery I (Online Course I)

Because of the tremendous need at this time in our evolutionary journey known as the Great Shift of the Ages, the great masters from the spiritual realms asked that a Course be created so that they can teach as many people as possible how to walk the Earth as Living Masters and to co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom.
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A new Golden Age can only become a reality when enough of us make the shift from the limited to the unlimited Self. Because of the nature of these times, a call has gone forth to expand our consciousness into the truth of our unlimited origin. For Heaven on Earth can only be realized when we are living as fully God-Realized beings. You can listen to an excerpt of this Course by clicking on the link found later on this page.

As we stand at the deciding moment in the evolution of humanity, the masters are extending their unprecedented invitation to mentor you in walking the Earth as a Living Master. If you desire to be the embodiment of the Presence and to co-create the next great Golden Age, then the masters are calling you.

This is an invitation to think, feel, communicate and walk in the world as a conscious living master. If you are ready to realize your freedom, ready to experience authentic empowerment, ready to implement your deepest purpose and ready to walk the Earth as a living Master, the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light are here to assist you.

In this Course, the same spiritual masters that have been guiding humanity throughout the ages will teach you how to embody your mastery and come into full alignment with your Divine capacities to co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom.

You will learn directly from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light the universal teachings that have allowed all the great masters down through the ages to achieve mastery.

This is what you can expect:

·Learn to transcend the stumbling blocks that have limited humanity for eons.
·Develop your inner hearing above the confusion, chaos and pollution within the electromagnetic fields surrounding the planet.
·Activate the Grace Light of the Divine Presence, transforming all limited memories within your mind, emotions and body back into their original encoding from Source.
·Open and activate the five secret descending spiritual centers, bringing the Light of the Presence into your body.
·Initiate the opening of the inactive strands of your DNA, manifesting the consciousness of the Presence.
·Expand the energy field of your heart to become a permanent portal for the Presence.
·Experience the fullness of your inner marriage with the Beloved.
·Live your true Divine Blueprint as part of the larger Divine Plan for creating Heaven on Earth.
·Co-create the next Golden Age of Freedom in conscious awareness with the Councils of Light.
·Expand your own field of Love and Light to positively affect large numbers of people, including your ancestors and everyone you have ever met.

The Masters have told us that this Course will reveal profound sacred wisdom, some of which has never been taught on Earth before outside of the ancient secret mystery schools.

The Masters requested that this teaching be spread far and wide using the Internet. All of the live classes being held on Maui have been recorded and are available as an Online Course. The Masters describe it as “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

In this 15-week Course, you will learn how to live mastery in your daily life. Each week the Masters give practices to assist you in awakening, sustaining and embodying the vibrational fields of a master.

Each class is custom-designed by the Ascended Masters to bring more clarity, harmony, peace, love, grace and abundance into all areas of your life.

Each week you will receive the web link to access that week’s class recording as well as the important Lightwork Exercises and Charts. The Masters’ teachings build each week upon what has been given in the previous class.

In addition, you will be personally mentored by the Masters and have your questions answered on the weekly live Questions for the Masters teleconference / webcast to further support your journey in walking the Earth as a living master. These simulcasts begin with a live transmission from the Masters followed by questions and answers. Every week, you have the opportunity to be in communication with the Masters and to learn and grow from their answers, as well as the answers given to the other participants. As with all the classes, you can access the weekly teleconferences at your own convenience and for as long as you like, even after you have completed this Course.

We invite you to watch the video, read the Invitation and listen to the audio recording of the Introduction.

If you are ready to step into your mastery and be part of co-creating the next Golden Age, register for the Online Course with the Masters by clicking on Payment under the menu. A special payment/installment option is available.

What Course Participants are saying:

“The changes that have occurred during the past five weeks have been incredible! This Course has really changed my life.” - P.M.

“This Course has taught me how to connect with my Twin Ray and experience Sacred Union and to feel ecstasy, bliss and joy on a daily basis.” - S.R.

“I now experience the Presence eternally walking with me. I have had body and emotional issues healed. And I have a new understanding of human sexuality and embracing the wholeness within the Self. I have let go of abandonment and grief issues and welcomed my divine partner as already a part of myself. I am now experiencing peace and stability of consciousness in all circumstances. I have created greater abundance, and I have established balance in all my relationships. Thank you for these many benefits and so much more.” -M.R.

“I feel so grateful for all the tools and knowledge and processes that have helped me love myself and, therefore, love others more. I have experienced a major breakthrough in my relationships.” – K.G.

“This Course has shown me how to let go of past experiences and future projections that are no longer needed so I may live in my Presence. These classes have taught me how to live in balance, harmony, clarity, joy, love, and peace, as well as to honor the Divine Presence in all. I now experience feeling ‘whole’ and connected with all other beings.” - N.H.

“As a result of this Course, I have discovered my true vocation. My heart is filled with gratitude.”
- A.V.

“Thank you for providing the space for the Master teachers to come through. I have come to know my Self, my Presence in a whole new way. Finding a deep peace and space of joy and love has been divine.” – L.H.

“In these fast changing times, it is the Divine and Angelic realm that seem to be the most meaningful and uplifting. Thank you for bringing that realm down to earth and for teaching us how to become part of it.” - C.M.

“The Lightwork Exercises are so rich - every time I go to them I discover more and more. I am forever grateful!” - A.K.

“This Course has given me an expanded sense of clarity, commitment and conviction to who I am, and what I have come to accomplish. This Course has grounded and strengthened a sense of courage, with a balance of playful anticipation, remembrance and vision.” - L.B.

“I am filled with wonder and gratitude for this Course, which has opened my heart and mind to the possibility of creating the next Golden Age on Earth!” – L.S.

“There is so much priceless and profound information. Today’s class was transformative.” - M.O.

“This work is the dearest thing to my heart and I have benefited deeply already from just the first class!” - W.S.

“It is an amazing journey to allow oneself to feel complete and whole within. Thank you for the Masters’ words that launched me deeply into that place.” - V.P.

“My partner and I are experiencing a whole new way to make love through the spiritual heart energy and we feel truly blessed by the sharing of knowledge and inspiration that comes through the Masters’ pure words. Thanking you doesn't really come close to the gratitude and love we feel.” - K.E.

Audio Excerpt
To listen to an excerpt of this Course, click here. If your computer cannot play online MP3 files, you can download the file by right-clicking (PC) or holding the 'Ctrl' key down while clicking (Mac) on the above link. Then select "Save File" or "Save Link as..." from the pulldown menu and click Save.

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The cost for the entire 4-month Mastery I course and weekly live Questions for the Masters teleconferences/webcast is only $399. To register and for all payment options, click here.

In the Love and Light of the One Heart,
Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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